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Looking for more meaning, purpose and freedom in your life? You’ve landed in the right place!

Start the journey to your best life today and gain early access to the Life Design Masterclass. In this short video teaching, I’ll share my personal blueprint on how you can set up every single day for success.

Are you a conscious life-lover looking to transform your career and make a larger impact in the world? Or, are you looking to break free from addictive patterns and create a Meaningful Life? The online is solution here.

The world is changing dramatically! Amidst this crisis many of us are reassessing our careers, businesses and lives. The time and opportunity exists now to change the trajectory of our lives! We can choose a new career path, start-up or ramp up a business and create a purpose-led life. We can find freedom from addictive patterns and be set free from the past.

The A Meaningful Life by Design platform is built for the soul purpose of building meaningful connections between experts that solve complex problems of the human condition and life-lovers looking to become the best versions of themselves, living their best lives. A podcast, a free masterclass, online programs and 1-on-1 coaching offer opportunities to change your life, starting today! 

A Meaningful Life by Design is a way forward for driven conscious individuals feeling stuck in their careers, purpose-led business or their recovery journey. Women and men who are smartand courageous and ready to take their life to the next level.

A Meaningful Life by Design is committed to connecting you with ideas, tools and resources from world-wide experts that will help you create a career and a life that you love. Start your inspirational journey today with the wildly celebrated A Meaningful Life by Design podcast.

A Meaningful Life
by Design Podcast

Each episode, Kylie brings you interviews with Thought Leaders and Experts from around the world to inspire you, empower you and nourish your body, mind and spirit. In a brand new series, From Here On, Kylie & Sophie share the latest neuroscience on how to recover from substance abuse and create true behavioural change.

A Meaningful Life by Design Podcast

A Meaningful
Life by Design

A transformational 12-week group coaching online program designed to help you evolve your life and career + arrive at the best version of yourself through identifying your passion, revealing the real you and falling in love with the journey again.

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Kylie is a passionate, professional and skilled guide across all career-related waters. She is has been so helpful in helping my clients prepare for big career transitions and promotions, as well as helping me make the most of my business position personally. I would recommend Kylie to anyone who would like to be in a role they love – and getting paid what they deserve. She has the industry experience, insider knowledge and savvy dedication to make it happen.


Kylie helped me with a massive career transition. Not only did she empower me with the job hunting skills to land in the exact career path I was after, she helped me to really believe in myself and draw out hidden aspects of myself that were lying dominant. Kylie works from the inside out and gets you in touch with your instrinsic values first, so that every decision that is made comes from the place of really believing and really desiring it. Then she gives you practical steps to realise those dreams. Kylie helped me reshape my CV into a visually tunning cohesive blueprint of my life’s work to date. It got me a job almost immediately and when I showed it to other high calibre people they were so impressed they were asking me to do their CV for them! I continue to work with Kylie today because I value her services that much. She is highly talented, dedicated and passionate woman out to serve the world in aligning people to their highest work.


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I have always found it difficult to know what I am destined to do with my career. I decided I needed some advice and that’s where Kylie helped set me on track. Kylie has inspired me to start my own business and has even connected me with a wonderful group of female entrepreneurs to start me on my journey. If you are stuck in a rut, don’t know what the right career is for you or you need assistance with building your confidence and nailing that dream job, then I strongly recommend getting advice, the kind of genuine, well structured advice that Kylie delivers!


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