how to heal the deep

How to Heal the Deep Shit Lightly-  Introduction

I was firstly introduced to Jason’s work on Insight Timer, the meditation app, I am in fact one of his 81.7 thousand followers and one of the 2.8 million people listening to his Morning Ritual meditation. His guidance on how to heal the deep shit is kind and profound.

Jason is a meditation and Reiki teacher and Energy Healer, he is all of these things but also so much more.

In today’s podcast Jason generously, kindly and beautifully shares his wisdom. We talk about how you can walk away from fear and find the truth within (in fact how we can move from fear to love in ten minutes). We talk about how the darkest of times can deliver incredible Wisdom & happiness.

And the real gold from his show, Jason gives us an introduction into a way we can “Heal the Deep Shit Lightly”. Today, we learn, or are reminded, how suffering is illusionary, how to experience spirit, step out of patterning, understand our own truth and Jason powerfully reminds us how often we don’t have to do the hard lifting to find a way forward to a life off ease and grace…… and I’m going to stop there before I give the whole podcast away, lol, but trust me there is more gold within.

Before we jump in I’ll tell you a little more a Jason aka his Bio:

About the Guest

Spiritually connected from a young age, it was Jason’s embodiment of spiritual practices and meditation that plucked him from the depths of anxiety and depression in his early 20’s. This healing process impacted him profoundly and formed the catalyst of his commitment to help men and women heal their old wounds and reach for the best version of themselves by finding their truth within. How to be alivened and awakened through joy?

His unique spiritual approach remains highly relatable and dives to the depths of pain and trauma all whilst being held within a very safe container. This gift has generated a worldwide community of meditator’s, with millions of listeners connecting to his guidance on the popular meditation app ‘Insight Timer’. His highly successful single ‘Morning Ritual (my fav)’ has inspired a movement of peace seekers waking up to his meditations every single morning.

Oh and Jason likes driving fast cars and having a laugh so do settle in for a fun and enlightening podcast.


Podcast Conclusion

It was such a gift to have Jason on the show.  The lessons he shared on how we can tap into the unbounded consciousness within and understand how infinitely we’re connected to the universe around us are such incredibly powerful insights. He has also left us with some beautiful questions such as – How can we pivot?  How can we dance during this period? We have our hands on the wheel with the universe and co-creating, how will we co-create and find joy! Check out the show notes for links to Jason, his course, Facebook him for meditations.

In the meantime, please don’t forget to subscribe on the AMLBD site for access to the Life Design Masterclass. In this short video teaching, I’ll share my personal blueprint on how you can set up every single day for success. As always such a pleasure to bring you this podcast and wishing you a beautiful day or eve wherever you are in the world.


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