Are you a self-aware, conscious, driven and passionate professional or entrepreneur?

Are you motivated to make a positive difference in the world? 

Are you looking to be free to create, flow and work in your area of genius?

Do you desire to create a sustainable income that supports an awesome lifestyle, and allows you time to enjoy it?

You’ve found the solution you’ve been looking for here!

I primarily work with women solopreneurs, women in transition from intrepreneur to entrepreneur and purpose-led professionals and business owners.Whether you’re looking to transition up the career ladder, move from intrapreneur to an entrepreneur, or take your business to the next level with sophisticated marketing and branding strategies I’d love to assist you on this transformative journey.

If you’re on the search for a better home for your genius, alignment with your talents and more purposeful work, you’re in the right place!

A Meaningful Life by Design offers Career Coaching and Business Consulting or a unique combination of the two. If you desire to step up to a more meaningful life and make a greater impact, I can assist you.

Career transformations, entrepreneurial launches, branding and marketing are my specialties. As a highly experienced and intuitive Coach I’ll give you the support, guidance and strategy you need to meet your ultimate career and life goals. I’m an experienced professional with a deep understanding of psychology, expertise in behavioural change and hard-worn experience in the start-up world.

As an experienced Business Consultant, I offer business strategy with a strong branding, marketing and values focus, that holistically considers the client and is delivered in a true partnership approach. For specific Business EVP Consulting check out my offering with Inspired EVP, my People and Culture business consultancy.

A Meaningful Life by Design career coaching, is not your ordinary career guidance or life coaching type offering.  As a highly experienced Business Consultant, having worked on the leadership team of top-tier businesses globally and as a Mental Health Expert I bring an extremely broad depth of experience to crafting career solutions. As an Entrepreneur with multiple digital start-ups under my belt I also understand intimately how to go from concept and ideation through to end-to-end strategy and execution. I’m highly experienced in marketing and branding, in particular social selling. My recent training is in the neuroscience of mental health. My understanding of psychology allows me to intimately understand my clients and how to effect behavioural change. Stepping up and into a new role or starting a new business requires a growth mindset and cultivating new ways of showing up in the world. These are two areas in which I can help you develop.  

I can assist you with your CV, business plan and LinkedIn profile. I can also help you effect real change in your life and navigate obstacles.  I have very affordable online programs that provide brilliant value for money. However, most clients choose to work with me directly.

We can change your career trajectory and activate new possibilities within 3 – 5  one hour sessions over Zoom. Many of my clients choose to work with me for 3 – 6 months or often we work on a job change or new business creation in 3 – 5 sessions and then they return to me for the next transition or simply to tap in for a few sessions to stay on course or work through challenges. I helped many of my clients transition their careers during the crisis, with wild success also!   

With established businesses I help with affordable Branding, Marketing and SEO solutions. I also work with men; men who are clear on what they want in their careers and business and need the practical tools such as an exceptional LinkedIn Profile, to help them meet their goals.

If you need career advice right now, a job search strategy, CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter or interview skills, contact me!

If you’re looking to make the leap into the entrepreneurial world and start a new business, I can help you make it happen!

Do you desire to take your business to the next level with affordable strategy? Feel free to send me a message and let’s chat.

I will guide, inspire and motivate you, give you an actionable plan and the skills necessary to make your dream job or business a reality.

Find out more about Kylie and her experience here.

To book in a complimentary exploratory call please email

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