10 Days to Endless Energy

An empowering and revitalizing coaching program for savvy life-lovers on how to embody the healthiest version of themselves and unlock Endless Energy.

Would you love to feel energized, excited and motivated every single day?


Do you dream about bouncing out of bed inspired to greet the day?

Would you love not to have to rely on coffee or the sheer urgency to tasks to find the motivation to get things done.

Times are tough right now too, the world has gone insane, the ambiguity, the worry, it’s all so incredibly draining!!

Perhaps you have tried a detox, a new diet, run through a few affirmations daily and try to find some motivation from all the inspiring quotes you read on Instagram ;-)!  Despite your best efforts you’re riming your eyes with another layer of concealer, dragging yourself to the coffee machine in the morning and fishing around for sugar or treats by mid-afternoon.

The global challenges we’re all facing right now, produce an opportunity for us to rise up stronger.

What if you could fall in love with the journey of life again purely because you felt so much personal vitality and energy? This is possible, starting Monday, September 21st!!!

These are unprecedented times that we’re experiencing, we need to call on our best selves. We can emerge from these times stronger than before.

We don’t need to focus on surviving or “getting through”, we can thrive, we can rise up.  It’s possible to find joy in the smallest things and laugh at some of the most challenging.  

The feeling of being energized, motivated, excited with vitality is on offer, you simply need the willingness to step up and join us for the 10 Days to Endless Energy Program.

Get ready to embark on an energizing and uplifting mini journey with heart-lifting daily exercises that are easily incorporated into your busy day. This program is developed for super-busy women and only requires a 10 minute daily commitment.

Within a few days you’ll be feeling fantastic, within 10 days you’ll be feeling limitless. Get ready to eat in a cleaner and more nourishing way, quieten your inner-critic and find energy within that you didn’t thing you had , adopt a healthier way of being, get the warm-and fuzzies, and start feeling truly motivated again.

How it Works

  • Instant access on purchase to a private Membership Site full of inspiring & uplifting resources.

  • Every morning you’ll receive a 5 minute Inspirational Instruction video.

  • Every day you’ll have a fun and empowering exercise to complete that will take less than 10 minutes.

  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook Group to connect to a tribe of like-minded Life Lovers.

  • You’ll be taught daily practices that you can incorporate into your life to make long-term sustainable change.

  • You’ll be gifted an Endless Energy Nutrition Ebook and taught health, wealth & wellness hacks to have you looking and feeling great fast.

  • You have the option to join a WhatsApp group for Accountability checkins to keep you on-track and motivated.

What you’ll Receive

  • An energy assessment & personalized guidance on how to reduce drain and increase energy uplift.

  • An introduction to bio-dynamic exercise and other powerful energy tools.

  • Professional dietary guidance on how to increase the alkaline component of your diet and increase your immunity to disease (and drastic energy loss).

  • How to use food combining techniques to have your digestion firing and you dancing.

  • Powerful meditations and techniques to minimize energy drain through thinking patterns.

  • A new awareness of the personal environmental factors that can powerfully shift your energy.

  • Coaching and support on how to be present, take responsibility for protecting your energy and live in gratitude.

  • Daily Motivational videos on how to nurture your energy from a mind, body and spiritual perspective.

The program includes:

– Exclusive access to a private Membership Site full of inspiring & uplifting resources

– Daily Inspirational and Empowering Videos

– Daily experiential exercises to complete

– Practices to incorporate into your life to make long-term sustainable change

– Health, Wealth & Wellness hacks to having your looking and feeling great fast

We have both spent lifetimes uncovering how to feel good in our skin, energized, healthy and motivated. Many of our lessons came from suffering, many more from understanding our energy and from committing to specific practices.  Much of what we’ve learned comes down to a DAILY COMMITMENT to showing up and holding ourselves accountable.  Daily routines and fun hacks can have you feeling fabulous.  In 10 days you’ll rediscover an energized version of you that you didn’t even know.


“I believe that through nurturing mind, body and spirit we empower ourselves to shine the brightest light possible on the world. We each have a responsibility to our health and energy management so we can live the best lives possible.

I believe that it’s easy to get caught up in toxic habits, eating and thought patterns. However, we owe it to ourselves to break free of old ways of being that no longer work for us. If we truly wish to up-level our lives, this starts with a commitment to our health and vitality.” 



“I believe our natural state is that of vitality, enthusiasm, and flow where we live a life of passion. 

By releasing the stagnant waste, emotional baggage, energetic rigidity, and old patterns & belief systems that no longer serve us, we are free to welcome & love ALL of ourselves. Our TRUE NATURE can flourish! 
As our innate vitality flows through our cells, we are free to do what we really want to do, express ourselves fully , and live in the state of flow that is our divine birthright.

We have the choice to move back to this place of OPTIMAL VITALITY
and gift ourselves the opportunity to be in touch with the truest parts of ourselves and awaken the FULLEST UNIQUE EXPRESSION of who we are.”


“Working with Kylie has been life-changing. Her energy and positivity are infectious. She assisted me to get really clear on what matters in life, connect to my vision and using her suggestions of daily practices I’m loving life more than ever. I can not recommend her more highly.”


Sophie Aghdami

“Kate Bradbury has a deep knowledge about her subject. She focuses on the challenge the client is addressing & created a health program to match my personal reality. Kate helped me eat healthy during chemotherapy & cancer bouts. She has in depth understanding of the nutritional value of foods & what the body needs to heal. She helped me grasp what to eat & avoid. Beyond internal health- she understands what helps keep one vibrant externally. Kate is also an Intuitive & has a healing presence. She helped create a very practical Holistic healing approach for my particular journey: including breathing work, meditation, self-inquiry work, & exercise. Beyond her extensive understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human experience, she did much research to understand the health challenge facing my particular body & the wellness intervention was easy to follow. I will never see my body or my life the same way- it’s amazing how we take it all for granted! Thanks Kate”

 Lente S. New York, NY, USA

“Kate holds space with intention, love and strength allowing one to go deep within your own inner journey through breath and movement. She facilitates with intuition guiding you through, as you explore your inner landscape, and grounding you when you need it. A powerhouse of a women meeting strength with vulnerability, kindness with support.”

Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Jewelry Designer. South Africa

“Kate is an excellent person. She helped me to have a better, healthier life. She taught me how to listen to my body and how to love myself again. Her use of hypnosis and other combination of techniques helped me move easily through problems I had been struggling with for a long time . Not only did I lose weight and start to love my body again, but she helped me to make my dreams come true. I feel better then ever about my body and more importantly, I feel happy with who I am. ”

Yessica B. Richmond, CA, USA

“I have been profoundly touched by this experience. Thank you! I feel so much more connected to my femininity and the core of my body. You have ignited a new awareness of self. That opportunity gave me such a deep sense of connectivity to other women, and our collective strength and power. The Breathwork in particular is a practice that I wish to continue here in New York. It’s totally mind opening. I felt at one with the universe, with the light, the stars, the air and sound. It was an electrifying experience. My whole body felt alive, truly alive.”

Latisha Duarte, Production Designer/Florist. New York, USA

Are you struggling with:

Not having the energy and vitality to really give your most to each day

Feeling stuck and bored, regardless of these times we’re living in.

Relying on coffee, sugar, green tea or excess food to get through the day

Being stuck in habits and behaviors that you know drain your energy.

Poor digestion, feeling sluggish and not knowing a way out of the cycle

Feeling tired, bored and conscious you’re often not showing up as your best self for your family, relationship and work.

Do you really want to:

Bounce out of bed feeling great

Feel energized, motivated and limitless.

Feel great in your own skin.

Enjoy great digestion and a consistent level of energy throughout the day.

Be truly present for the people in your personal and professional life with energy and focus.

Attract more success because you have the energy to do the work you love and give it 110%+.



How long is the program available for?

4 weeks, with this program we’re holding you accountable to doing the work soon, but allowing a window in case of unforeseen circumstances

Why is the shorter program more expensive?

This program is still extremely affordable (especially in light of the impact it will make). There is a one-on-one personalized aspect with the energy assessment exercise. The program is designed in a way that daily you need to be held accountable and pay an amount that is representative of the your commitment to the program.

Can I start any time?

The program will we run every few months, if you purchase this month we encourage you to kick-off on the same day as the other participants and we’ll all support each other every day.

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