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Angela Wing

About the Guest

Angela Wing was the ultimate corporate boss, jet-setting around the world, platinum status style, wining, dining, winning, or so she thought. However, her external world of success was not mirrored internally, internally she felt a little, well, empty.  She knew there was something more, in fact, Angie is one of those rare birds that knew she had a calling since she was a young girl. She has also had an out of body type spiritual experience in her teens, but it took reaching high levels of corporate and external success to realise she needed to follow her calling. 

And this is what we’re talking to Angie about today, her incredible talent to embody a limitless state of being and how she can assist each of us to feel truly limitless, to overcome our fears, limiting beliefs, busy minds, preoccupation with regret over the past and anxiety of the future. Through a study of modern science, neuroscience and numerous methodologies and modalities including neuro-linguist programming, Angie has learnt how each of us can achieve a state of being to unleash our potential and find joy in the present moment. This podcast is an absolute must-listen if you’re ready to rocket to the next dimension and enjoy the ride.

Podcast Summary 

  • Ever since Angie was a young girl she had a feeling that she was supposed to do something meaningful on the planet. She had this sense that something was missing. She spent most of her childhood searching for different directions. She looked in many wrong places. But part of the journey in discovering her calling was for her to do her own healing. It was a path of self-discovery that led her to where she is now.

  • Angie went to University and studied International Studies. Then, later she got a degree in International Development being so passionate about understanding the world and the conflicts and poverty that existed around the planet. After graduating, she came out of school with a very large debt. Carrying a large student loan on her shoulders she needed to be responsible. So, she ended up getting a job in medical device sales. She was working for a few companies selling medical technology products. She pursued this career for 10 years. Angie earned good money, bought a house and a fancy car. She felt she was living the American dream life but more and more it didn’t feel right for her. She was empty inside. A feeling of restlessness hovered around her. 

  • Looking at her career, she was climbing the corporate ladder, she was groomed and promoted for success. Yet, treading this path, she realized that everything would be planned out for her. It started making her feel a little bit boxed in. She was not happy anymore with the life she was in. Angie wasn’t experiencing a lot of joy, bliss, excitement, adventure and things that filled her soul. She felt everyone was looking around and searching for an answer. 

  • Things came to a turning point in her life. Angie ended up getting a huge promotion at her company to do international sales while traveling around the world. She took the job thinking she would finally be able to fill the void inside of her. She did the job for three months but became even more unhappy. She thought if this job wasn’t going to do it for her then she needs to make a change in her life. A year ago today, she decided to leave her corporate job and set out on a mission to figure out the thing that was missing in her life and try to understand if this is something other people were experiencing.

  • Angie had a pivotal experience in her life that changed her. A glimpse of what life could be. It was the worst day of her life. The day when her mother passed away when she was a senior in college. The moment after her mother died, she found herself needing to get away from everything. What she did was, she ran out of the hospital and ran down nine flights of stairs and into the woods. As she walked into the woods, she fell to her knees while trying to process what had just happened, all of a sudden, she had this wave of clarity or awakening. So, instead of crying, as what was expected of her, she looked up and all of a sudden she could see the forest in a way that she had never experienced before. All the colors seemed greener and the forest just seemed more alive. It was like she could sense the aliveness of the present moment. She was filled with the most perfect feeling of peace and love. She had this feeling come over her that everything was okay like a veil had lifted and something came through. 

  • It was Angie’s experience in the woods that started her journey and made her go on an adventure around the world and find the answers to this conundrum. She believes that every single one of us gets to have these experiences, a kind of “peak experiences”. However, what can happen is that these moments just come and disappear as quickly as they came. This leaves people with this feeling of restlessness and longing because this is a state that we really want to return to. Anybody can learn to access the state of being. Angie calls this the limitless state of being and anyone can access this place at any time.

  • There’s a beautiful shift that happens when you start to do this work. The more you start to inhibit this experience, this limitless state of being and you start to lean into it, and start to get this glimpse of bliss and peace, it seems like the world start to expand around you. You start to experience more aliveness, more joy just for the sake of joy. 

  • Moving through her four modules of program, you’ll be taken through a process of shedding all of the things that are not working so you can experience more elevated ways of being. It starts off with just learning how to access this place, how to learn to live from this stage at all times and how to be more present in your day-to-day. We start to learn how to make peace with ourselves and the world around us. We start to see more peace everywhere. The more you start cutting out all the things that aren’t working, the more you free up your energy to really start creating whatever it is you want for yourself. Finally, we’ve done everything to get out of zombie mode and to really lean into this limitless state of being. Now in bliss, we’re learning all about how to create more being in our lives. Deep inside, it is available to you right now. You don’t have to change anything in your life. The key to finding it isn’t by changing anything in your life, it’s by learning to access the place inside of you and then learning to live from that place. 

  • Angie teaches people how to be limitless and to access a blissful state at all times. She’s working with people who are successful in their career. She resonates with them because she’s been there. “You’ve done everything right on paper but there’s still something missing”. She believes that we’re so conditioned to live in this “doing mode” but there’s a place within us that we can access where we get so elevated that it almost feels like we’re out of this world. One thing she learned from her journey is that human beings are meant to create, connect, express and find ways of being in our lives for no other reason than just being. Her final message is that people have so much more power than they realize. They just have to be willing to lean into it and follow the voice of their intuition.

Podcast Conclusion 

So there you have it guys, there is a way in which you can step beyond your limitations, busy mind, preoccupations with the past and the future and find a way in which you can be present, happy and in the moment.  It was such a pleasure to have Angie on the show. 

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