How to Find Joy + Happiness Through Living Intentionally

How to Find Joy and Happiness Through Intentional Living

I’m just going to say it, straight off the batt, I love this podcast episode and conversation with the incredible Sasha Hawley for it’s lightness, simplicity, purity and practical guidance on how to stay on track with feeling good. If you’ve experienced some darkness in your life or if you’re just finding it difficult to stay motivated, this podcast is full of powerful reminders on how a dedication to your practice, combined with specific mindset practices will leave you feeling good and in love with life.

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing our incredible guest for around 10 years now. We were on the same Bondi party scene, found ourselves to be entrepreneurs at a similar time, actually I think Sasha was ahead of me there but she joined an incredible group of women when I set up a female  entrepreneurial group in Sydney.

Fast forward a little over 5 years, I’m in Bali, Sasha is in Avoca and I see one of Sasha’s posts on instagram. There was a picture  of her on the kitchen floor, her head in her hands, the photo was taken by one of her children mucking around on her phone but it captured a women who, in that moment, was feeling incredibly broken. I went on to read a very powerful post about the intense challenges she’d faced in recent years and how some days to simple roll out of bed and onto the yoga mat was the most she could do. I have always known Sasha as an incredibly strong women, a force of nature really. To see her in this way reminded me of our shared humanity and pain during the global crisis and the pain that each of us face daily from a miriade of different situations and crisses.

This post sparked a conversation. I wanted to know how the Face of Yoga by the Sea, an outdoors Australian success story business, was really doing. And as we conversed I was inspired to ask Sasha on the show to share with our listeners how she could continue to get back up after a crushing amount of personal, family and professional blows. This podcast is the result of that conversation.  By the time we got around to recording Sasha was again bouncing out of bed and shining her light on the world (I must say, she did that even from the kitchen floor) and she kindly shares her wisdom in this episode, specifically on how we can all find that happy place again. Through living intentionally, committing to our mindset and practices, each of us can find our way out of the darkness.

For anyone who is not familiar with Sasha let me run you through a brief bio

Ecowarrior & founder of YOGA BY THE SEA – a sustainable, community-minded business that donates a portion of proceeds & time to environmental conservation. Born in Sydney but at home in the world, Sasha’s taught the practice of peace via yoga, tai chi, meditation & humour throughout Europe, Turkey, South America & Australasia for 15 years. Among Sasha’s students – sports pros, celebrities, royalty, kids, teens, the active, elderly, disabled and pregnant – everyone is welcome! Certified by the Australasian Yoga Institute, she completed her Advanced Teacher Training in Rishikesh (India) & Pre-Natal Yoga Training via Bliss Baby (Byron Bay) before becoming a Mum herself. As a result, her mellow seaside classes feel like you’ve been hugged by Mother Nature, while her Retreats are creative, inspiring & nurturing.

Now it’s time to introduce Sasha and our beautiful conversation


It was so wonderful to have Sasha on the show today and to learn more about the women behind Yoga by the Sea. It was a joy to get real, focus on the positives and discuss very real and practical ways we can rise from the darkness and the challenges many of us are facing during these times. If you enjoyed this episode of AMLBD please ensure to subscribe, and if you could review us in ITunes or your fav podcasting app that would be amazing! If you listened into the podcast to find ways out of a difficult time and are looking for me support please do not hesitate to dm me. This helps ensure that many more people will gain access to the podcast and the wisdom of our guests. Thanks again for joining us on the show and wherever you are in the world wishing you a beautiful morning, day or eve.


Follow our Guest here:

Instagram: @yogabythesea.australia

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