Living your Purpose in all Aspects of Life

I am both grateful and honoured to introduce and welcome today’s guest Trena Probert onto the show to discuss living your purpose in all aspects of your life. As a Fintech Startup Founder, mother of four and passionate advocate for women’s financial freedom, Trena’s schedule is beyond crazy and she has an incredible amount of wisdom, compassion and business savvy to share with our listeners.

Today’s podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to live life on their own terms, to live boldly, heart wide-open, fiercely embracing life and looking to stand empowered and strong and vulnerable. Yes, Trena can also share on start-ups and motherhood but really the approach she has to life is incredibly remarkable.

Trenna is an innovator, creator, entrepreneur, educator, sales expert & financial markets translator. With decades of experience in senior roles in multi-nationals, managing SMEs & building her own businesses, she brings a unique perspective to the challenges & opportunities of business. Perhaps more importantly, with nearly 50 years on the planet, she draws upon a rich tapestry of personal experiences (the bad, good & ugly) to inspire, inform & ground her work. Trenna isn’t shy about sharing her failures, modest victories & how she applies the lessons learned.

Trenna tells me that for the first half of her life – still in the making now at the age of 48 – she was the exact opposite of living a life of meaningful design. She lived passionately and with purpose, but the world pushed her around. It was uncomfortable. But fuelled by energy to learn and contribute, she kicked big goals early. Travelling the world in her twenties for American Express, she fulfilled her dream to leave and set up her own business before turning thirty.

Living with ADHD, Trenna had unwittingly developed the skills to succeed in a world not designed for her mind. From the outside, she appeared tenacious, aspirational, happy, and successful. Even those close to her had no idea how hard it was – not just work but everything. It wasn’t until diagnosis at the age of forty that she found a way to transition from surviving to thriving.

Trenna is a passionate champion of people’s right to succeed on their terms. Embracing the truth – structurally uncomfortable and challenging for corporations – that people are indeed unique, she loves to encourage, support, and mentor.

Trena is authentic, excited, and endlessly curious. Every moment – small or large – is meaningful because she is deliberately present and aware.

At Trenna’s companies Revolver Capital & AudaciousIP, her team is passionately driving innovation for creative companies & creating businesses of their own where they see an opportunity to make a difference. Her primary focus today is on building Super Fierce to become for women’s financial empowerment. Trenna is chasing her vision of a world of genuine equality where everyone will enjoy a brighter future.

Trenna is deadly serious about changing the world and having a fabulous time along the way! This is part of Trenna’s DNA – it’s how she tackles everything. She truly embodies living your purpose in all aspects of your life!

Building a business to solve a problem is Startup 101. But solving a problem you genuinely care about is rocket fuel for a conscience-led entrepreneur. Trenna’s mission is to empower Australians to age with dignity & women to control their financial future. That’s why she has created Super Fierce, a unique female-focused FinTech that makes it easy to understand and save on super fees so you can retire with more. I also love Fierce Impact, the philanthropic soul sister that receives $100 from Super Fierce every time someone makes a switch to their super. Those funds are used to support marginalised women in Australia.

Super Fierce is a digital superannuation product comparison and consolidation service which makes it easier for people to make informed decisions about their super and save. They take your current superannuation details, analyse your position and show you how to save on fees. Their superannuation calculator compares every open fund in the market to find the lowest cost options in a range of categories. Your customised report is 100% free. If you want to make a change, they manage the process for you, for a fee you can take out of your super.


It was so wonderful to have Trena on the show today and to learn about Super Fierce. If you enjoyed this episode of AMLBD please ensure to subscribe, and if you could review us in ITunes or your fav podcasting app that would be amazing! This helps ensure that many more people will gain access to the podcast and the wisdom of our guests. Thanks again for joining us on the show and wherever you are in the world wishing you a beautiful morning, day or eve.

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