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Alina Berdichevsky

About the Guest

My amazing guest today Alina Berdichevsky, of Alina B Coaching is a Certified Professional Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and PSYCH-K facilitator, as well as a student of Meditation, Strategic Communications and Journalism. She has had a fascinating career from starting off as a Life Coach when she was only in her early 20s, running the famous “The art of being sexy” workshops, segwaying into journalism and PR. She now continues her coaching career and beautifully balances her love for both luxury and earthly, prestige and spiritual. Alina has an incredible presence, not only due to her draw-dropping beauty but in her uncompromising approach to honesty and intentionally showing up in every moment. In fact, if you’ve spent any time in Australia you may well be familiar with Alina, as she’s often featured in popular media such as Body and Soul, Chanel Seven Sunrise, Madison, New Woman and SMH.COM.AU.

This podcast is an absolute gift if you’re questioning how to bring together all the unique aspects of yourself into a somewhat aligned career. If you’re someone with diverse interests and wide-ranging skills, you’ll love this episode of the show, as Alina shares her personal journey of bringing together the unique aspects of herself and crafting an incredible career and life. If you’re interested in working with a coach or forging a coaching career this podcast is an absolute must-listen.

Podcast Summary 

  • At a young age, Alina used to walk around on her tippy toes with her hands clenched while telling the adults around her, “I’m a businesswoman going to work”. She’d wear high heels and carry a briefcase. By the time she turned 12, Melrose Place was one of the popular shows airing on TV. Whenever she saw Amanda, one of the main characters, Alina couldn’t help but admire her because she was such a boss and had built her own creative company. She’d imagine herself running her own advertising agency one day.

  • Another career Alina considered was to become a Counsellor and help other people solve their problems. Back in 2003, while she was walking home from University, she tore off one of those little phone numbers at the bus stop about a career in helping people reach their goals. She found out that it was a career training as a Life Coach. Alina couldn’t believe that you could actually get paid to just sit with people and talk about their dreams and goals, give them strategies and ask them questions.

  • Alina completed her degree in Marketing. While her fellow students went on, got entry-level jobs, and began climbing the ladder in their marketing careers, she, on the other hand, went and begged her parents for more money to get a Life Coaching certification. At 22 or 23, she decided to become the youngest Life Coach in the room.

  • For Alina, coaching is about asking questions and exploration so that the client can find the answers within. The purest craft of coaching is asking questions and holding that space. Alina followed a formula with and was able to successfully attract the right clients. Whoever decided to spend money and work with her would have resonated with her at some her level.

  • Alina got a coaching certification and upskilled her knowledge through other modalities. However, in terms of her actual business skillset, she didn’t have the administrative marketing experience yet. She just let it all work itself out and most of her coaching clients came from word of mouth.  She didn’t have any systems for the funnel or marketing. It was a bit challenging for her business. However, she did copywriting on the side which came in handy.

  • After 8 years of coaching, Alina felt burnt out and her mother hinted her to get a real job. She agreed with her a bit. As much as she loved coaching, Alina realized that she needed to learn some new skills because straight after University, she immediately started her own business. She didn’t get any opportunity to do internships or enter an entry-level position.

  • Alina started applying for jobs and after six months, she sought Kylie Butler’s assistance on how to transfer her skills she worked for to be applied in the industry of advertising, creative and PR. Kylie helped Alina so much with her CV and reposition her strengths.

  • What ended up happening after was Alina joined a friend who just launched a startup dating website and she became a Brand Manager for the site. Through her writing and coaching skills, she was able to have a glimpse of the dating communication psychology. She launched the blog for the site and it was a great success. It drove a lot of traffic and interest in the side and service.
  • As Alina was upskilling as a Coach and experiencing personal growth in her life, she also stumbled upon yoga and feminine ways of replenishment. She joined workshops and private programs that basically helped her be connected and not lose the strength and confidence of being a woman.

  • What drives Alina is awakening the consciousness of humanity through beauty. “That we’re living in this mathematical world, the divine blueprint of nature. That’s why people are not aspiring to egoic perfection but rather the purity and perfection of our being through refining our bodies and vessels. Refining our minds and spirits with the beautiful and conscious soulful themes.”

  • For Alina, when you go to those highest level of artistry, whether it’s in music and food, it will be considered as art. And, “art is the language of the right brain. It is the language of feminine beauty. Thus, the reason why luxury is considered rare and beautiful is because of the hours of refinement, care quality and artistry put into it. That level of beauty is a way of experiencing the divine.”

  • “When you look at beautiful jewellery or listen to an opera, labels are not attached for status but because of the level of quality. It’s living in this world and its pleasures that we can see the divine in the sensuality of the universe. A deep crystal clear ocean is pure luxury or the fresh bouquet of beautiful fragrant flowers. These are the kind of stuff that delight our senses and make us feel like there’s meaning and magic to our daily lives.”

  • Alina believes that truly beautiful things don’t have to be expensive. Whatever you consider as high quality, whether it’s organic food, clean water systems, vegan leather, or quality milk, whatever that is for you, it is your luxury that communicates and makes you worthy of engaging the best and highest quality of life.
  • Alina’s philosophy is all about permission; that we all should give ourselves permission to desire what we want, to pursue our dreams that call our hearts, and give ourselves the things we need to feel nourished and rested. Life will then take on a better flow. Through that, we expand our creativity and the very ideas we yearned to build upon can only come from that more relaxed and allowing space of consciousness. “A meaningful life by design is listening to one’s desires and leaning into the hunches, explorations, hobbies and ideas, that even though these things don’t make sense now but perhaps a higher part of yourself knows what you’re always meant to do in this life and it will all make sense in the right time.”

Podcast Conclusion 

Such a pleasure to have Alina on the show. I’ve had the good fortune for knowing Alina professionally and personally for many years now and have long been in awe of her beauty and wisdom. There are so many gifts in what she shared with us but for me, the reminder of following our own hearts wisdom and not being afraid to embrace all aspects of ourselves is a really powerful takeaway. To conclude today, I call on all of us to give ourselves permission to feel, love, dream and celebrate who we are.

Be sure to check out the show notes to follow Alina and don’t forget to subscribe on the AMLBD site for access to the Life Design Masterclass. In this short video teaching, I’ll share my personal blueprint on how you can set up every single day for success. As always such a pleasure to bring you this podcast and wishing you a beautiful day or eve where ever you are in the world.

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