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Recovery Coaching can help you build a life you don’t want to escape from!

Recovery Coaching is not only the solution for gaining and maintaining sobriety, it is designed to move you forward in all areas of life. Quitting the drink, drug or destructive addictive behaviour is just one part of recovery.  Addiction, and specifically recovery from addiction, can be the catalyst for beautiful transformation of yourself and your life.

Perhaps you’ve done rehab and/or 12 Steps but are now looking for some additional support and inspiration on your recovery and life journey.


Whether you’ve only recently put the pain of a detox behind you, just checked out of rehab or it’s been a while since your last drink or drug, I can support you in not just staying clean and sober but loving your life without alcohol or drugs


I’ll meet you where you’re at and work with you to meet your personal goals. I’m not a sponsor, nor am I a psychologist.  I’m an experienced coach and fantastic and empowering support. I’m in recovery myself, I’ve put the relapse merry go-around behind me, and I get it.  Like, I really get it. I understand the depths of addiction, rehab, fellowship, relapse, shame and guilt.  I also understand in depth the neuroscience, biology and psychology of addiction.  I have trained under an expert in the neuroscience of mental health and an expert in complex trauma and addiction.

Working together in recovery coaching we have a combination of video and Skype calls each week. Depending where you’re at on your journey we’ll design a program that work for you.  This can be as simple as two calls a week or more complex and include face-to-face, accommodation, yoga, meditation coaching and sessions with a clinical psychologist who specializes in addiction and complex trauma. 


Addiction is a complex condition derived from a number of factors, family history, environment, trauma, mental health and a maladaptive way in which to sooth emotional pain and deal with the challenges of life. Addiction is, at its essence a change in the way the brain functions and responds to stress and triggers. Its is a neurological condition that ultimately effects mind, body and spirit. 


The approach I take is one of consciously co-creating with you the life you want without drink, drugs or unhelpful behaviours. Together we develop mindfulness practices and work with grounding tools to maintain or reach a sense of calm and take away the desire to pick up. I utilise a combination of tools and approaches, from traditional psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry, Mindfulness, Goals-oriented Coaching, Experiential Learning, Somatics and Buddhist principles. Depending on the need of the clients and considering a wholistic mind, body, spirit approach (for those with a spiritual belief system). 

If you’d like to know more, pop me an email here  and we can jump on a phone or video call to talk through how Recovery Coaching and I specifically could possibly, support and empower you on your journey. To know more about me, visit my Instagram page here.


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