21 Days + $21 to a life filled with

Meaning, Purpose & Joy


An inspiring program for

savvy life-lovers on how to fall

in love with the journey of life


Are you seeking something more from life?


Do you desire a life with more meaning, purpose and joy?


Does your soul ache to feel inspired, connected and lite up?


Times are tough right now too, Staying Home, trying to stay motivated and not binge-watch Netflix?! And let’s not even mention the big stuff, finances, hubby or the isolation driving you insane..

Perhaps you have tried yoga, keto, Mindvalley masterclasses, green juices and affirmations galore, but still you’re not doing airpunches!  Despite your best efforts you’re not doing cartwheels down the hallway (being stuck indoors doesn’t help either)?!


Despite the challenges we’re all facing right now, there is an opportunity to rise up stronger.

It’s possible to wake up inspired, feel limitless throughout the day, laugh, cry, smile like a lunatic and then rest your head on the pillow at night feeling deeply satisfied with life.

 In just 21 days for just $21 you can feel connected to your authentic self, your values, your purpose and life right now. Grounded in the present moment you will connect to love ones, let anxieties drop away and welcome more joy and abundance into your life. 

Get one video a day for 21 days. All it takes is 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks to fall in love with life again. Usually $399, purchase before April 9th and get full access for $21.

Your best life starts this Friday!

Join me in spending our social distancing time connecting to our authentic selves, the value we bring to this world and life right now.

 What if you could have the dream destination…but more importantly fall in love with the journey again? It’s possible to love your life, starting this Friday, April 10th!!!

These are unprecedented times that we’re experiencing, we need to call on our best selves. We can emerge from these times stronger than before.

We don’t need to focus on surviving or “getting through”, we can thrive, we can rise up.  It’s possible to find joy in the smallest things and laugh at some of the most challenging.  

The life you’re after is on offer, you simply need the willingness to step up and join us for the 21 Days to More Meaning, Purpose & Joy journey.

21 Days to More Meaning, Purpose and Joy is a mini-program for life-lovers who seek to rise up and thrive.

Get ready to embark on a fun and inspiring journey with heart-lifting daily exercises that are easily incorporated into your busy day.  This program is developed for super-busy woman and only requires a 15 minute daily commitment.

Within three weeks you’ll be loving life again. Get ready to activate your values, foster love and compassion for all (starting with yourself), quieten your inner-critic, adopt a healthier way of being, get the warm-and fuzzies, and start feeling truely motivated again.

How it Works

Instant access on purchase to a private Membership Site full of inspiring & uplifting resources

Every morning you’ll receive a 5 minute Inspiration video

Every day you’ll have a fun and empowering exercise to complete that will take less than 10 minutes

You’ll have access to a private Facebook Group to connect to a tribe of like-minded Life Lovers

You’ll be taught daily practices that you can incorporate into your life to make long-term sustainable change

You’ll be gifted Health, Wealth & Wellness hacks to have you looking and feeling great fast

You have the option to join a WhatsApp group for Accountability checkins to keep you on-track and motivated

The program includes:

– Exclusive access to a private Membership Site full of inspiring & uplifting resources

– Daily Inspirational and Empowering Videos

– Daily experiential exercises to complete

– Practices to incorporate into your life to make long-term sustainable change

– Health, Wealth & Wellness hacks to having your looking and feeling great fast

I have spent a lifetime uncovering how to feel connected, joyful, inspired and to live life on purpose. Many of my lessons came from deep suffering, many more on commiting to specific practices.  Much of what I’ve learned comes down to a DAILY COMMITMENT to showing up as your best self and nurturing mind, body and spirit.  The secrets to more meaning, purpose and joy lay in understanding the inherent value you can contribute to life and learning how to truly connect to life. 

On understanding your preciousness and gifts, clearing limiting beliefs and commiting to your vision you can access new levels of joy and bliss. Daily routines and fun hacks can have you feeling fabulous and stepping out of anxiety.  In 21 days with a commitment to a daily intention and exercises you can start to fall in love with the journey of life again. You’ll rediscover yourself, re-ignite a sense of awe and wonder at the world, fall back in love with yourself and feel increasingly connected to your loved ones.

“I Believe …

That you are precious and amazing and when you learn how to truly connect to yourself and life itself an infinite amount of happiness and joy will be yours.

That work and life should be fun and create a meaningful impact on the world.

That each and every day should be filled with joy, passion, and inspiration.

That you deserve to love your life, every day.”

“Working with Kylie has been life-changing. Her energy and positivity are infectious. She assisted me to get really clear on what matters in life, connect to my vision and using her suggestions of daily practices I’m loving life more than ever. I can not recommend her more highly.”


Sophie Aghdami

“Kylie has helped me immeasurably in recent years. I went to her when I was considering launching a start-up. She assisted with strategy but moreover she assisted me to believe in myself and take the leap of faith. She has a special talent for inspiring and empowering. She is really fun to work with, funny and wise and I’d happily recommend her to anyone.”


Sarrah Obeid

Kylie is amazing in giving you optimism, energy and clarity when you find yourself at a crossroads and you need them the most. The tools she uses help you get back to your roots, see your most important qualities and understand your fundamental passion points. This discovery eventually helped me to crystallize my future direction. I then worked with her to outline the necessary steps to go down that path.”


Francesco Solfrini

“This was a fantastic program that highlights proven positivity concepts. It was easy to navigate, interactive, and excellent for people with busy schedules to undertake bite sizes pieces in their own time. I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to commit to a deeper journey of themselves that covers a good range of key topics. It was excellent to undertake the course with like minded people to share ideas during the course. I really liked the happy thought stimulation posts on FB and WhatsApp too to encourage collaboration and sense of team spirit.”

Lindsay Kilgour

Highly recommend dedicating the next 21 days with the guidance of Kylie from a meaningful life by design, to increase your personal qualities and dedicating a small amount of time each day to developing inner growth and development for the benefit of others. 

Truly an inspirational journey to develop good habits daily, you are worth it. A catalyst to becoming more enthusiastic on this life path and squeezing out it’s essence and becoming more joyful. Find new found inspiration through this program. Your inner happiness is something that can be developed and no one can take away from you, the external world is impermanent hence why this is an essential program to get you kick started into finding a deeper lasting happiness and find a deeper meaning in your every day life. 

Jessica Vanderaa Kennedy

Are you struggling with:

Feeling stuck and bored, and not just because you're on house arrest.

Not having the energy and vitality to really give your most to each day.

Numbing and dumbing with wine, chocolate and Netflix.

Being unable to trust your intuition and always seconding guessing your choices.

Being stuck in habits and behaviors that you know don’t serve you.

Do you really want to:

Feel empowered and inspired about who you are and what you want.

Feel great in your own skin and your place in the world.

Have confidence and trust your intuition and inner wisdom.

Enjoy a deeper connection to yourself, the present moment, and others.

Attract more success because you are doing what you love.

All it takes is 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks to step into your best self and fall in love with life again. Usually $399 click now to get full access for $21.

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