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Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Suresh Joseph, Reshie, back on the show, Reshie has generously shared his time and been a guest on the meaningful life by design podcast prior. In episode number 06: What we are Looking for in our Search for Health and Wellness.

In this illuminating interview, Reshie talks about the missing piece in our quest for complete wellness and mental health.  So def. go back and check that out if you’re interested and also to understand the back story, which is, in brief, Reshie’s journey from an esteemed medical doctor, through serious drug addiction to becoming a clinical psychologist specialising in complex trauma and the neuroscience of mental health.


In today’s show, we delve much deeper into mental health and ever the academic Reshie talks about the five publications that revolutionised his understanding of mental health. We learn about how our childhood experiences shape our lives, our understanding of ourselves, and our mental and physical health. In this incredible interview, Reshie demystifies trauma and takes the shame out of suffering for anyone who’s ever had any struggles with mental health, trauma or addiction. Reshie links the events of our childhood to our lives today and really explains the concepts incredible depth, rising answers to the questions of  “Why?” and “Why me” in respect to challenges of mental health, anxiety, depression and addiction

In my personal view, a meaningful life is an examined life and in my experience it’s been imperative to understand myself fully to build a happy, fulfilling and successful life. 

An important inclusion – a basic definition of trauma

At its’ simplest, psychological trauma occurs when an individual experiences or witnesses an event that the person experiences as overwhelming. The traumatic event can be differentiated from normal events through its intensity and impact. 

Events that are overtly life threatening such as combat on a battlefield, living in a war zone, witnessing a horrific car pile-up on a motorway, getting caught in a hurricane or a tsunami; these events have in common the fact that their intensity and their impact on an individual stems from the overt and very real danger to life itself. 

Basically, psychological trauma is defined not from the event itself, but from the fact that the individuals’ neurocircuitry and neurophysiology are overwhelmed, disrupted and negatively impacted to a degree that the individual’s neuropsychological mechanisms are unable to cope with the stress of the event. The cascade of symptoms that ultimately occur due to this inability to adapt to, and find meaning in the event lead to neuropsychological systems that maladapt and these mal-adaptations form the basis of the traumatic symptoms.

Podcast Conclusion


I hope you enjoyed today’s conversation with Reshie.  As I alluded to in the introduction, I truly believe that a meaningful life is built on a deep understanding of ourselves and it’s also the examined life that allows us to continue to grow and develop. In understanding my past and ultimately myself I have been so much better equipped to set up a life that serves me, in an attempt to also serve others.




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