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Pete Evans

About the Guest

Pete Evans is an internationally renowned Chef, Restaurant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Television Presenter, Wellness Expert and Documentary Producer. He has a podcast where he explores nutritional and emotional well being and he’s been Australia’s number one selling author of healthy cooking and lifestyle books for the last five years. With around 25 books under his belt, Pete is truly dedicated to educating people about nutritional food and wellness. Hiis latest project is the award winning documentary film, the Magic Pill, which shows the impact food can have on people’s health and is streaming globally on Netflix. Pete has also hosted and produced numerous award winning series and interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on health and wellness. So I think it’s fairly safe to say that he knows a thing or two about health and wellness, and is the expert that we really want to be talking to today.

Podcast Summary

In today’s episode, we will expand out the topic of health and particularly nutrition to look at the central pillars of one’s health and consider health and wellness from a macro level as well as diving into the micro and talking about a non inflammatory diet. So this podcast is truly mind-expanding if you’d like to consider the bigger picture of your health and wellness far beyond what’s on your plate. Pete also shares some wisdom on actualizing and embodying wellness in the now. We discuss how we can make this practical right now in this very moment.

This podcast is part of a special short three part series on Facing the Current Crisis with Intention and Consciousness. With the coronavirus pandemic, the global death rate rising daily and countries on lockdown, more now than ever is a time for us to come together understand our humanity, our mortality, our interconnectivity, and our need to shift our ways of operating to a better future. I hope you enjoy this podcast and discussion as much as I do. And if you do, can I please encourage you to share this podcast with family and friends, your support to share the message of hope and the call to empower and grow Through these times, is greatly appreciated. Now we are literally going to dive right in now and dive straight into the questions for Pete.

Podcast Conclusion

A huge thanks to Pete today for sharing his knowledge, wisdom and time. We were initially only going to do a quick Q&A for 10 minutes, so we could produce a podcast and get it out to the world really quickly in these challenging times. And he generously shared some additional time with us so we could discuss these critically important topics with facing corona and our world at large during these really trying times. So thanks for listening guys. Thanks for being in the audience and to participate in learning and growing throughout this period. We greatly appreciate you sharing the message of hope and the opportunity for us to expand our consciousness, our understanding of not only what’s facing the planet right now, but our opportunity to grow and develop beyond this. Please do subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Check out the meaningful life by design website, subscribe there for some amazing resources. And thanks again, good night, or good morning, wherever you are in the world. 

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